Holley Home Inspections Toronto SCAM

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Holley Home Inspections SCAM-www.holleyhomeinspections.ca/ I used this guy in Toronto and his attitude was 100% rude. He asked me for a deposit and came to the job 3 hours late !! Then he had the guts to blame it on the traffic, as I only live 10 minutes away from his HOUSE !! www.holleyhomeinspections.ca/

He didnt even finish the job. Holley Home Inspections is a SCAM- Stay away from Michael Holley.. he is a scam !!www.holleyhomeinspections.ca/

Holley Home Inspections in toronto is a scam artist, he will not provide you the service, I would not recommend him to anyone! stay away guys


www.holleyhomeinspections.ca/ SCAM


Cobourg, Ontario, Canada #939850

I agree.... this is some competitor trying to put Michael down. He is incredibly fastidious in his work.


This complaint is a scam....I know Michael, he's no scam artist that's for sure.

Anybody that met him would think that's laughable.

My guess is this is a disgruntled competitor.Cheap shot for sure.

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